Dermal infusion facial

Dermal Infusion
Dermal infusion is a very popular and very gentle form of noninvasive exfoliation that involves zero downtime. Clients who receive this treatment here at Epitome Med Spa are treated with a pen-like instrument that simultaneously removes dead dirt and dead skin cells, while also adding skin-friendly serums.

While the treatment should be repeated a number of times for the best results, most patients feel more confident about their appearance immediately after their first appointment. It gets better, however, as improvements tend to multiply with continued treatment.

Skin Issues that Can be Treated with Dermal Infusion
While Dermal Infusion is a very gentle treatment, it can produce dramatic results with repeated sessions. Clients get this treatment to fight the following skin problems:
-Wrinkles and fine lines
-Pallid complexion
-Dry or rough skin
-Sagging around lips and eyes
-Scaring from acne and injuries
-Freckles, uneven skin tone and dark blotches ( melisma)
-Large pores

Not just for faces!
Dermal infusion can do more than help improve your facial appearance. Many clients will have the treatments performed on such as the upper chest (décolletage), neck, hands, feet, legs and arms. Our skin says a lot about us whether it’s on our face or elsewhere, and the gentle, noninvasive approach of dermal infusion can help make a more attractive and youthful statement.

Get Started
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