PRP Injection
A PRP injection refers to platelet rich plasma. In these treatments, a derivative of the client’s own blood enriched with additional platelets is injected into problem areas of the skin. PRP has been employed for a number of medical uses over the years, but its facial rejuvenation benefits have become increasingly popular. When employed by our medical beauty team at Epitome Med Spa, the strategic injection of PRP at problem areas can produce notable benefits.

Known colloquially as a “vampire facial,” treatment results are anything but gruesome, and the process is simple. Blood is drawn, run through a centrifuge, which increases the number of platelets in the plasma. They are then injected using microneedling, which places the material into extremely tiny punctures in the skin.

Since blood platelets are rich in growth hormone and other face-friendly factors, they tend to encourage to skin to heal with a fresher, more youthful appearance. Celebrity fans of the treatment swear by the outcomes, and our clients agree that there’s nothing scary about a vampire facial.

PRP Effects
Clients and medical beauty professionals agree that a PRP injection can be good for such issues as sun damage, uneven skin tone, or an overly dull or rundown complexion. Multiple treatments are typically required for the best results.

In most cases, there is some brief downtime as the patient experiences some redness until the face is healed in roughly a day or two. While the treatment is considered to be extremely safe, some bruising is possible, particularly at the sight where the clients’ blood has been drawn from, usually the arm.

Get Started on a PRP Injection

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$250per vial.