Omg Mary is the best! Went here for Botox and filler and I couldn’t be more pleased. Also my lips are amazing. They look Perfect! They are full and look real and I didn’t experience pain. This is my new place.

Sarah Reese, ★★★★★

Love this place and LOVE Mary. She did the best job on my filler and I’ll never go anywhere else!

Carli Walker, ★★★★★

My experience at Epitome Med Spa was unique, so gratifying, and left me with the exact results I wanted.

Carla J, ★★★★★

I'm so happy I found a medspa close to me that is actually run by a medical professional with medspa experience.

Raquel F, ★★★★★

Laser hair removal has been pain free and such a easy process to go through every visit. I would recommend this place to anybody looking for laser.c

Manal K, ★★★★★

I can honestly say my face has never been this smooth. It did a great job at getting my blackheads out and made my skin look overall cleaner and brighter.


I don't trust anybody with my face but this place is nothing short of amazing! The facility is VERY CLEAN organized and well taken care of. Make sure you go see her. You will thank me!!!

Mona K, ★★★★★

From the moment you walk through the door you realize Epitome Med Spa is truly unique. You'll discover a warm and friendly environment, beautify decorated, calming and comfortable - Five Star from start to finish.

Alexander G, ★★★★★

I did PRP  and will be going to her for microneedling too. My experience from the initial consult to my treatment has been stellar.

Valley G, ★★★★★

just what the neighborhood needed! I had Botox done here and it was the first time it didn't hurt. The nurses touch was gentle and confident.

Elle S, ★★★★★

Mary is hands-down one of the best cosmetic dermatology practitioners. She has performed laser hair removal treatment and Kybella treatment for stubborn fat in a small area!

Renee Freeland, ★★★★★

I love this spa, its so relaxing. There is great treatments here, of the best in botox and fillers.

Renee Freeland, ★★★★★